We've Introduced Smaller Cardboard Packaging

Hybrid home working, along with lead-time issues and product shortages has meant an increase in small order volumes, creating a host of inefficiencies within operations.  The simple change of introducing a smaller sized cardboard box has resulted in a variety of quick wins.

The Problem:

A standard box size wasn’t ideal for the volume of smaller orders being shipped. A combination of back order and smaller order profiles meant that cardboard void fill was required for the larger box, resulting in customers receiving an oversized box and too much void fill to dispose of. Furthermore, the increased volume of boxes required to pass through machinery that reduces their height took time, energy and often human intervention – which have environmental and cost implications. 

The Solution:

A simple solution was to source a shorter box with the same sized base, and retain the void fill method only where necessary to protect the integrity of the goods. This means that we introduced smaller boxes for smaller orders, not only reducing cardboard shipped to customers, but to reduce the amount of boxes processed by machinery within our operations - meaning less energy and potential quarantine issues.

Cardboard reduction

How we have helped:

  • Reducing the size of boxes to be able to pack smaller orders easier.
  • Increase the amount of boxes per delivery so that we are reducing the miles it takes for us to deliver packages.
  • Reducing the amount of waste cardboard received by our customers

Find out more about how we are helping the Environment:

Banner has environmental sustainability at the heart of our decision making. The planet needs urgent care and recognition of this fact has never been higher on the agenda. To achieve long-lasting change, we are working collaboratively across operations, employees, supply chain and customers, challenging everyone to make a stand to protect our natural environment for the security of future generations.

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The Impact:

By replacing 1000 boxes per day with our smaller box size, we expect to save 597Km2 or 26 tonnes of cardboard per year. This is a reduction of raw material, process wastes within our operations and packaging our customers receive and dispose of. It will also result in a cost saving of up to £17k per year.

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