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Craig Varey

Managing Director

Here at Banner, we're all proud of our company's distinguished history, which started over 200 years ago as part of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

As one of the largest distributors of workplace products, with a stockholding in excess of £50 million and over 350 fleet vehicles making over 18,000 deliveries per day, we recognise we have a responsibility to operate responsibly.

It's important to look ahead and design innovative answers to the challenges we face, as a business, within our communities and by our customers. Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be integral to the way we conduct ourselves, both outwardly and inwardly.

We're pleased to have a robust CSR strategy in place. This operates across four key pillars, Our Natural Environment, Our Supply Chain, Our Communities and Our People. These help us to deliver social value and impact for our customers, community, suppliers and employees.

We continue to expand our investments and commitments and look forward to continuing to share this progress with you in the months and years to come.

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Discussions about how to better protect the natural environment have moved  higher up on the public agenda in recent years, but this issue has long been on Banner’s radar.

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We can only create value by ensuring our colleagues are engaged and healthy and working in a good quality environment with access to appropriate training and development.

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Banner is committed to an active and inclusive engagement with our local communities. We work both locally and with the wider purpose of helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

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Our Supply

Our approach to supply chain management goes above and beyond the requirement of our ISO accreditations and represents commitment to continually review our entire supply chain.

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Our vision for Corporate Social Responsibility

At Banner we are committed to offering the widest range of workplace products and services. This includes delivering the best possible value and customer experience.

Our corporate social responsibility framework ensures we can do this, while taking a consistent and impactful approach to the environment, wellbeing in our workplace, the environmental and social government performance of our supply chains and our role in our local communities.

Banner continues to develop our integrated programme that has good governance and solid foundations. With our set targets and performance measures, we will continue to be an accountable and transparent business.