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Our community
Respect & Relationships

Banner is committed to an active and inclusive engagement with our local communities. We work both locally and with the wider purpose of helping those less fortunate than ourselves. This includes donating products to schools, local food banks and rape alarms to a women’s refuge centre.

We have signed long leases on our major warehouses, which means we can recruit the best people from our local communities and provide stable employment. We focus on the creation of full-time roles and continue to build a reputation as a preferred employer and an aspirational place to work.

Our aims: By 2019
Donate 3,000 hours to
not-for-profit organisations
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Increase monetary and
non-monetary donations by 20%
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Our community
Respect & Relationships: What we’re doing
Banner Beach Clean

The Banner Beach Clean saw over 65 Banner people help to reduce the amount of plastic waste and pollution reaching our oceans. We’re also aiming to make a difference to the lives of children across the UK by raising £10,000 for our national charity partner for 2019/20, the NSPCC.

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As of the end of March 2019, we've employed 20 Banner apprentices, and this number continues to grow.

“I like challenging my current views and opinions in order to make me a better manager. I believe you can always push yourself to learn and achieve more; after 15 years of being at Banner I am still learning and looking to broaden my knowledge.” Gemma White, Customer Service Manager, Banner.

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Giving something back

We encourage, organise and support Banner staff to give their time to a range of worthwhile causes. Teams have taken part in challenges, such as a Tough Mudder for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, completed a Total Warrior event for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, supported Yorkshire Air Ambulance at the Tour de Yorkshire and helped distribute warm clothes, hot food and drink, blankets and sleeping bags to homeless people in Leeds. We also donate to most of the fundraising events our teams take part in.

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We’re aiming to make a difference to the lives of children across the UK by raising £10,000 for our national charity partner for 2019/20, the NSPCC.

The first of our charity days at Banner saw people come to work wearing green in return for a donation to the NSPCC, while others baked buns, bought raffle tickets and entered a sweepstake.

We recently introduced a change for change scheme, where the pennies at the end of our payslips go to 3 different charities, one of them being the NSPCC.

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STEPS to Work scheme

Our STEPS to Work scheme is in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities. We provide work experience placements for students and where appropriate, pay them a living wage during their time with us.

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