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Find out more about Respectful, Banner's Exclusive Cartridge Range


Would you like to achieve high print quality and sustainability in one simple move?

Meet our exclusive range of Respectful toner cartridges - with zero - plastic packaging.

Delivering a guaranteed high standard of print, cost-saving and excellent environmental performance, Respectful features the following benefits:

  • A lifetime warranty
  • Impressive page yields
  • Managed product trials
  • A free recycling scheme
  • Zero plastic packaging
Better for the Environment

Respectful Cartridges provide a total environmental solution because every single one is re-manufactured to precise standards, with no component going to waste.

This process ensures that every cartridge meets or exceeds the performance of the original equivalent while having zero impact on the environment.

At Banner, we're on a mission to slow the global rate of cartridges going to landfill, where they can take up to an incredible 1000 years to biodegrade. No Respectful cartridges are sent to landfill.

By using Respectful products, you'll be saving natural resources, preventing waste and reducing your environmental footprint by 44% compared to using original cartridges.

This quality, reliability and sustainability, together with our simple recycling scheme, comes with a lifetime warranty that makes every Respectful purchase 100% risk free.

Leap ahead on your sustainability journey by choosing Respectful.

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The Respectful Range

The Respectful range has over 300 products, giving you a huge choice of original brand alternatives for printing page after page of vibrant colour and professional quality prints.

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Respect the Environment

Featuring zero plastic packaging and consuming less new materials and less natural resources than single use cartridges, using Respectful will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Find our more about how we Respect the Environment

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Quality Assurance

Respectful never compromises on quality and we are so confident with the performance of our cartridges we offer a lifetime guarantee across our full range.

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Respectful Recycling

With Banner, you can make a difference by using our free cartridge recycling scheme. Returning empty cartridges provides parts & components used in the production of Respectful toner cartridges, meaning no cartridges are sent to landfill.

Find out about our Respectful Recycling scheme