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Quality Assurance

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Complete Confidence

With Respectful you can have total confidence in the quality of your print operation.

Every toner cartridge in the range is designed to produce vivid colours and high-quality prints, from the very first to the very last page.

What's more, every Respectful product comes guaranteed to match the print quality of the original equivalent.

This is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, which reflects our confidence in the design, manufacturer and performance of the range, and gives you the assurance that your purchase will be a risk free one. 


Re-manufacturing is the best way to reduce environmental impact, but this process must meet the highest standards to guarantee high print quality and minimal paper waste.

Respectful cartridges are put through a multi-step re-manufacturing process in state-of-the-art laboratories, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and STMC performance standard.

This patented cartridge re-manufacturing technology is designed to carefully reuse existing components to produce a highly sustainable and superior quality product, with a minimal environmental footprint.

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Quality Testing

Every single product is tested throughout production and post-production. 

Each stage, from the disassembly to the original cartridge through to the packing of the finished product, is monitored by quality assurance auditors who use established benchmarks to test and analyse product performance.

Zero Risk to your Printer Warranty

All Respectful products will comply with your printer warranty, which will not be affected by using Respectful as an alternative to the original brand.

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Page Yield

With Respectful you are guaranteed a page yield to meet or exceed the performance of the original equivalent.

We apply two industry standard ISO test protocols to determine the page yield of cartridges. These are ISO 19752 for mono laser cartridges and ISO 19798 for colour laser cartridges. 

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Respectful is the high quality, risk-free choice for you and the environment.