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Respectful Recycling

With Banner you can make a difference to the environment by using our recycling scheme to re-manufacture your Respectful toner cartridges. The solution below is available to GB mainland Banner customers only. If you are a Banner customer requiring ink and toner recycling in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, then please speak with your account manager to arrange for a recycling box to be sent out to you, or email banner@recycleyourcartridges.co.uk with your name and address to arrange for a full box to be collected.


Recycling Box Delivery

Zero Waste Recycling is an innovative and environmentally sustainable printer recycling service available to you through Banner and serviced through BCMY, Ltd.

To order your ink and toner recycling box, go to the Banner recycling portal by clicking here

On your first visit, you will be asked to register your details and set up an account.

If you require a pool account to allow group reporting across multiple log-ins across different sites and departments in your organisation, then please first email banner@recycleyourcartridges.co.uk and request for a ‘pool account’ be set up for you.

A parent account will be created for your organisation, under which further sub accounts can be created.

If your organisation will use one point of contact for all recycling requests, then please do go ahead and register a single account using the link above.


When your recycling box is full, please revisit the portal to arrange for your box to be collected at your convenience.

Download your own Itemised Reports Detailing your Organisations Returns

  • Quantity of packages received.
  • Individual cartridge types and quantities received.
  • Amount of Reusable and Recycled Items & the split percentages.
Respectful Recycling Box

Benefits of Zero Waste Recycling:

  • Accepts all of your printer consumables no matter what type or brand.
  • Offers 100% transparency with Waste Transfer Notes and Breakdown Statements.
  • Complies with all relevant legislation.
  • Fulfils your duty of care to the highest standards.
  • A simple and user friendly online service.
  • Provides reporting and administration across multiple sites for large organisations.

You have full access to:

  • Waste Transfer Notes
  • Zero Waste Certificates
  • Complete order history
  • Create user defined group reports
  • Itemised statements of your waste
  • Reused and recycled split percentages
Zero Waste Recycling
All Materials are Reused or Recycled
Recycled Materials Percentage

Printer cartridges that cannot be reused are safely broken down into their different material components and then manufactured into alternative products such as car parts, steel building structures, aluminium cans, marine paint, road surfacing, and colourant products.

To go to the Banner ink and toner recycling portal, please click here