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The Brief:

The DVLA, is dedicated to purchasing more sustainable and efficient products that assist towards their Greening Government Commitments (GGC).

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The GGC set out the actions UK government departments and their agencies will take to reduce their impacts on the environment, such as: reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, send less waste to landfill, reduce the overall amount of waste they produce and reduce water consumption.

When the DVLA approached Banner to support them to source and provide a plastic free envelope, Banner had the expertise and experience to provide a solution.  


Together, the DLVA, Banner and a key envelope supplier researched, sourced and tested product options to develop a specially manufactured plastic free envelope.

Rigorous testing took place by the DVLA and Royal Mail to ensure the product was robust and secure to meet their specification. This included finding an alternative to the traditional glue used to seal envelopes that are harmful to the environment, whist remaining tamper proof.

The selected product passed the testing process and, following a final few changes to the layout and size, was approved for production.  

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The Result:

The project was a big success; the DVLA is one step closer to achieving their GGC targets with a new robust, secure, plastic free, tamper proof and glue free envelope that is now in circulation.

The chosen envelope is made from 90 gsm Natural Wet Strength Kraft paper, which means it is bio-based, renewable, bio-degradable and recyclable through standard paper recycling platforms.

The team at Banner are incredibly proud to have supported the DVLA, and many more customers, to achieve their environmental and sustainability targets. To find out more about the CSR targets that Banner is working towards, including to double the number of environmental and ethically sourced product ranges, please click here to learn more.

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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the organisation of the UK government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers in Great Britain and a database of vehicles for the entire United Kingdom.


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