• DSE assessment - why are they so important?

As businesses become even more reliant on technology, the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is on the increase. As a result, employers should carry out DSE assessments to reduce the risk to employees and to ensure full compliance with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations which were introduced in 1992.

This is even more relevant to employees who spend long periods working with computers, laptops and other screens.

Display Screen Equipment is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the workplace and various health risks are associated with its use. Some of the common issues associated with the use of DSE include:

  • Tiredness
  • Eye Strain
  • Problems with the upper body including the neck, shoulder, back, arms and wrists
  • Aches and pains associated with prolonged use

In the short term the impact on health is relatively small but over a long period of time, the risks increase, particularly if good practice isn’t applied. Carrying out DSE assessments will not only ensure that workstations are suitable, but employees see improvements in their overall health and well-being. Assessments combined with DSE training can help employees in a number of ways.

What can Banner Interiors do to help?

We are delighted to introduce our new Ergonomic Workplace Assessment Service.

This service provides an individual assessment for an employee and employer to ensure that they are complying with current DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations.

The regulations set out a number of criteria relating to workstations, including general recommendations on features for:

  • DSE screens
  • DSE keyboards
  • Desktops
  • Seating
  • Environmental factors i.e. glare, noise and lighting

The aim of a workstation assessment is to examine the health and safety aspects of the work carried out; in particular, possible physical discomfort or stress which, if left unchecked, could cause ill health or exacerbate pre-existing conditions.

What does the assessment cover?

Our workplace assessment covers the following issues:

  • The personal and physical qualities of each user such as height, weight, build etc
  • The location of the workstation
  • The general work environment
  • The work surface layout and dimensions
  • The display screen and its associated equipment
  • The workload of the operator
  • An analysis of the chair which must be stable, in good repair and have sufficient adjustment to enable the user to achieve and maintain a comfortable position. The chair must also meet British standards with regards to design, construction and fire retardancy.

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Once our assessor arrives at the employee’s workplace, they will:

  • Identify themselves, providing ID
  • Explain the format of the assessment and reassure the customer with concern to confidentiality and disclosure policies
  • Carry out the workplace assessment which will also include a confidential discussion with employee that may be affected their ability to do their job safely and in comfort
  • Once the assessment is complete, they will provide immediate advice and training where appropriate and make any minor adjustments to equipment positioning which would have had an immediate benefit. Should the employee need it, they would also recommend minor items of equipment, such as footstools, document holders etc.  They will endeavour to answer any questions or queries that the employee may have
  • Explain what happens after the assessment and indicate the possible time scales

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What happens after the assessment?

Once the assessment is complete:

  • The assessor will request that the assessment form is signed by the user. This report will contain a record of all the information obtained at the time of the assessment and identify, where necessary, the equipment, resources and adjustments recommended and a justification for their recommendation
  • The full report will be sent to us to send to the user within 5 working days of the assessment taking place.

Once our assessor has forwarded the report, we will:

  • contact the user within 2 working days to confirm receipt of the report and to take the opportunity to provide any follow-up advice or information which may be required.


Individual assessments are chargeable at £200.00 plus VAT per assessment.

This cost includes carrying out the assessments on site, preparing a report with detailed recommendations and all travel & incidental expenses.

Should an assessment be confirmed and then cancelled we will unfortunately have to charge cancellation fee.  The cancellation fee:

  • Full payment if cancelled the working day before or same day
  • 50% of fee if cancelled 2 working days before

Supportive products

We have access to a vast range of products and will be able to recommend products to ensure compliance to the regulations.  These products will be specified on the report and if a quotation is required, this will be provided by us for these items.

Any additional items recommended are chargeable in addition to the assessment fee and are non-obligatory. These will be stated on the report and a quote for these will be sent to the user along with the report.

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Additional services

If the end user has purchased a chair from us based on our recommendations without a sample, we are able to go back and set the chair set up following delivery.

This service is chargeable @ £80.00 plus VAT. 

If an end user has purchased a chair previously from another supplier, we are also able to offer a set up service for these chairs.

This service is chargeable @ £80.00 plus VAT. 

Next steps

We hope that you find these new range of services and products of interest.  If you’d like to book an assessment please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. To find out more information about the service, please contact our Banner Interiors Team.

E: BannerInteriors@BannerUK.com
T: 0845 230 8133

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