Updated 30th September 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your loyalty and support through these unprecedented times. It has been a challenging time for us all, but we are pleased that we have been able to continue our essential service and support our customers. Our logistics operation allows us to make daily deliveries to either a workplace or a home location, whilst ensuring our employees are protected and observing all Government guidelines.

We’ve got you covered
As the UK Government continues to review the restrictions and our customers formulate new working plans, Banner is proud to be your reliable and responsible business supplies partner.

To support customers, Banner has introduced a range of new products for all working environments. Wherever your workplace is, Banner can supply the products needed to protect employees and enable your company to be productive and efficient. View our Return to the Workplace brochure here and our Working from home brochure here

Our extensive range includes cleaning solutions, fully certified personal protective equipment, office partitioning, ergonomic furniture, video conferencing equipment, social distancing signage, thermal infrared technology and lots more.

Small things make a big difference
Thank you to our customers who have supported my request to combine small orders into fewer, bigger orders whenever possible. Every effort helps limit the risk for our delivery teams and positively impacts the environment. It also really helps us to avoid wasted journeys when you are available to accept deliveries. Your Banner Account Manager can update your delivery details if you wish us to deliver to an alternative address.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Craig Varey

Managing Director
Banner Group Limited

Information and updates

As you can appreciate, the safety and well-being of everyone connected with Banner is our number one priority. We will continue to follow the latest advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.  We’ve tried to answer some of the important questions that you may have right now and will continue to keep this page updated regularly.

Receiving deliveries

Will your drivers still deliver as normal?
We continue to make deliveries. Our teams are still working and deliveries are going out daily. If you will be unable to accept your delivery, please contact your Account Manager as soon as possible, so that we can take action. You may experience longer delivery lead times from time to time, which may have an impact on our service as a result of disruption caused by Covid-19 related issues. We are doing everything we can to maintain our delivery service to our customers, while ensuring the safety of our employees. Your Account Manager will be able to help with any queries.

Are you delivering to desk-tops?
For the safety of all involved and at the request of some Banner customers, our desk-top delivery service is currently suspended. However, we will aim to accommodate any individual customer delivery requirements. Please contact your Banner Account Manager if you have a special request regarding your deliveries.

While we are working hard to keep our delivery service running as usual, the safety of our teams and customers remains our top priority. In line with government, WHO & HSE guidance, we continue to maintain the appropriate measures to reduce the overall risk to our workforce and our customers. At present, desk-top deliveries that involve entering customer's premises, travelling in lifts etc are an increased risk to our delivery teams and are therefore suspended, unless the necessary checks have taken place and an agreement has been made with your Banner Account Manager and our delivery team.

Please also contact your Banner Account Manager to arrange an alternative delivery point, such as a reception area, agreed safe delivery point or loading bay.

We will continue to review the situation and look to re-introduce this service to our customers when it is deemed safe to do so.

Can Banner deliver to home locations instead of office premises?
Yes we can. Please contact your account manager or contract manager and provide details. We will need to set up an alternative delivery address on your account, which will make sure that order placement and selection of the delivery location is in your control.

Can I change the delivery address on my existing order?
Unfortunately not, once your order has been placed we can not manually change the delivery address.  As above, please contact your account manager to set up alternative delivery addresses for any future orders.  

What happens if I'm not able to accept my delivery?
Please contact your account manager as soon possible and we will endeavor to re-deliver the order the next working day.  If this is not possible, regrettably your order will be returned to our warehouse and considered as a cancelled transaction.  In this instance, credits will be applied via the usual process. 

Will our employees have to touch handheld devices when they receive a delivery?
No. In order to protect both our people and our customers, as of Friday 20th March 2020 we will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture electronic signatures. Our drivers will instead log the first and last name of the person accepting the item and we will record the geolocation of the delivery (where possible). This will apply to all deliveries that normally require a signature. Again, this step is being taken to protect our staff and customers alike and we ask that you support this action. Should you later need a proof of delivery, please contact your account manager or our customer services team. 

Is it safe to receive orders?
The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low. You can find the latest information on COVID-19 on the information pages of the UK Government and the World Health Organization.

Stock levels and supply chain

Do you have hand sanitiser in stock?
We are taking orders for hand sanitiser products with many pack sizes available for immediate delivery, but there are understandable delays on some pack sizes because demand has outstripped supply. We would like to reassure customers that we have established a secure UK manufactured product to compliment other established supplies and will fulfil orders as quickly as possible. We strongly recommend you continue to place your orders allowing a longer lead time, but please let us know if your requirements change and especially if you want to increase or reduce your order.

Will I be able to receive all my normal goods and do you have a robust supply chain?
Banner, as part of the EVO Group, have a robust supply chain. We also have the largest stock holding in our industry. We trade with both global suppliers and UK based manufacturers. We have been assured by our suppliers that they are prioritising Banner within their supply chain. We rely and trust our suppliers to provide accurate information in terms of deliveries to us and we will tell you what they tell us. These are unprecedented trading conditions, so supply will be more unpredictable than normal and it is possible that some deliveries will be delayed. 

Why are some Coronavirus (COVID-19) related goods out of stock?
Along with global and national conditions the demand from customers has expanded many times beyond suppliers’ abilities to supply. We are working hard with them to secure stocks of key lines at a quantity that will allow us to fulfil orders more quickly over the coming weeks.

Will you stock goods that help me reopen my office locations and keep workspaces clean and my employees safe?
We have prioritised an appropriate range of goods and our inventory teams are working hard to make these goods available. We aim at all times to provide accurate dates for future receipts of stock in to our operation, but in the current climate, our experience tells us that things can change beyond our control and without notice. We are working with our supplier base to fill the warehouse with appropriate stock to support you. We’d encourage prompt placement of orders and ask you to contact your account manager for updates on the arrival of goods once orders are placed. Our warehouse teams are working to expedite delivery as soon as stock lands with us and we will always be honest and open in communicating ETA dates.

Will I be able to add new products to my contract?
These are not normal times, however please talk to your account manager with this type of request. We will be open and honest about the latest position on stock availability, therefore allowing you to make the best possible decisions. Rest assured we are doing everything in our power to maintain our usual high service levels.

Business precautions and procedures

What precautions and procedures have you put in place for your employees?
The safety and well-being of everyone related to Banner is our priority and we will continue to follow the latest advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We are asking staff where possible to work from home. We also have office, warehouse and transport roles and have taken measures to distribute protective equipment to these employees. We have prepared a COVID-19 policy document in line with HR best practice to ensure all Banner employees are clear on the measures in place. This is being reviewed and updated as the situation changes.

There is a possibility that there will be delays to response times. We would ask you to order online as much as possible and look out for updates on this page. You may deal with different staff to normal due to the changing situation. We have crossed trained staff to be able to work over a range of functions and we will deal with your enquiry as promptly as we can. 

Will your warehouses still operate?
Our warehouses are still operating. While there are elements of automation within our warehouse operations we do require manual input to bring our service to our customers. We have multi-skilled operatives who can work outside of their normal area in order to help cover changes in resource that we find on any one day. We will flex overtime, weekend working and temporary staff as required to deliver our service. There is a possibility that your usual next day service may not be met depending on demand and staff availability. Our employees’ health and well-being remains a priority while also delivering our service to you.

Is your IT platform robust?
Our systems are robust and are regularly maintained and upgraded. We do not foresee any risks to our systems at this point, providing our outsourced third party partners provision remains in place e.g. phone systems, broadband, electricity etc. 

Will I be able to visit your sites?
We are no longer allowing any non-employees to visit our sites. Should there be any extenuating circumstance a relevant Director will make the decision whether or not to make an exception. This decision will be based on Government advice regarding social distancing at that time.

Will you be visiting my business?
We have instructed all employees to arrange meetings remotely and have put in place measures to protect our transport team and customers when making deliveries. Should there be an extenuating circumstance a relevant Director will make the decision to allow, or not, a face-to-face meeting. This decision will be based on Government advice regarding social distancing at that time. We will not ask an employee to visit your site against their wishes. 

Is Banner financially stable?
As part of the large privately owned EVO Group we are financially stable. We have the ability to call on working capital as may be required during this abnormal trading position.

I am a Banner customer and may need to cease trading for a period of time - what information do you need?
If your business is ceasing trading for a period, you will need to notify us and arrange to pay for goods and settle outstanding balances as soon as possible.  Please contact us as soon as you are ready to recommence.

Government Recommendations
Banner will follow Government Recommendations on behalf of our staff, customers and suppliers. We have issued all staff with clear guidelines and a policy as we navigate through this period.