Banner Reduces Environmental Impact for Leading Facilities Management Provider

A number of environmental and sustainable benefits were achieved through changes in how they purchased their office supplies from Banner.

The Service:

As part of a wider review of its service offering, Banner presented a proposal to a leading Facilities Management provider to show how by making changes to the way it purchased workplace supplies, several environmental and sustainable benefits could be achieved.

Banner’s previous service offering was based around a next-day delivery model, with no minimum limit on spend or number of orders placed by users. Whilst very customer friendly, it resulted in an ineffective model, often delivering to the same locations multiple times each week.

The Product:

Through Banner’s exclusive tool, Green OPTIMISA, we were able to analyse all the metrics behind the account to produce an optimised model, making the service more environmentally effective, by lowering the CO2, fuel, paper, water, electricity and transit packaging used in delivering goods.

Positive impact of using recycled paper:

With the support from the customer, Banner also implemented a policy of moving from standard, virgin grade copier paper to a 100% recycled option through their partner, Steinbeis. By not using virgin grade paper, this is an equivalent saving of:

Positive Impact Infogram-1

3 Major Changes:

  • A maximum of one delivery per location, per week
  • Moving all orders away from cumbersome manual purchase orders to Banner's online order platform eSupply.
  • Moving all accounts away from one invoice per order to one monthly consolidated invoice per Business Unit, reducing the amount of paper and hours used to process orders.

Positive results:

Since implementing this in April 2020, there have been many positive changes in the 6 months of trading, some highlights of which are as follows:

Positive Results Infogram - colour corrected-2-1

Banner has committed to continue to monitor the sustainability and environmental credentials of both its service and supply of products to the leading Facilities Management provider. The results will be reported on a quarterly basis via Green OPTIMISA and recommendations will be made where appropriate.

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