Speak their language.

Instantly communicate in 26 languages with your Jabra device.

Translation is costing you time, money and A LOT of frustration. So, say Hola to Speechly!

Speechly lets two people hold a conversation in multiple global languages while using a Jabra device.

Its translation, but nothing like you've experienced before.

It’s common in today's society for people who work in the public sector to meet with people from all over the world on a daily basis. Until now, the only way to speak to those individuals is to rely on an interpreter, which comes at a high cost.

Speechly uses AI to provide accurate and reliable translation in real time, meaning public sector officials can communicate directly with people who don’t speak their language using their Jabra devices.

Speechly, offers benefits to all public sector organisations, having been tried and tested in multiple public sector environments. Speechly offers the best service with 26 global languages available for translation whilst eliminating the high interpreter costs. As well as saving money, using Speechly saves on time waiting for the interpreter to arrive. Speechly is highly secure and trustworthy as all conversations are recorded and transcribed for future reference, stored in a secure encrypted cloud environment.

Features and Benefits

Compatible Jabra Devices

Speechly is compatible with the following Jabra devices: Evolve 40, 65, 75, PRO930, SPEAK 710

Real-time communication in 26 languages


More Information

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